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Sharing daily self-care rituals to live a purposeful life.

My purpose is to guide people on developing daily self-care rituals to live your life on purpose and in flow. Subscribe to receive FREE self care tips and tools. ->

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Me Time Journal

The Me Time Journal is your daily journal to reflect, release, and reconnect with yourself. 

Accountability Coach

I'm Leticia, an accountability coach guiding others to create daily self-care rituals.


A bit about me

I'm Leticia, an accountability coach guiding others to create daily self-care rituals.


Most people are not taking time for self care because they think it's selfish and takes much time, so I created a coaching program, a journal, and an online platform to show the benefits of self care at your own pace so that you are living a fulfilling and purposeful life.


I am here for you along this journey and encourage you to reach out when you need any guidance.


My personal blog about art and work


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Order the me time journal

Me Time Journal

I guide others in creating self care rituals.

The Self-Love Accountability Coaching program is the beginning of a beautiful relationship that you will build with the most important assets - yourself!  


I am here to provide guidance, tools, and resources along the way for the next three months. 

Schedule a consultation below to learn more my process and results.

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Leticia’s self-love workshop was such a welcoming and comfortable environment that melted my insecurities!

I was not too sure what to expect as it was my very first in-person event with Leticia, but I was immediately greeted with kindness and felt so safe among everyone else co-creating this experience.


Thank you for creating such a beautiful space!"

Desiree DeCosta


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I was fortunate enough to be invited by Leticia to attend one of her meditation workshops and I'm so glad I went!

Not only was I able to meet like-minded women but I was able to enjoy a day of self care, gratitude and meditation in a safe and non judgmental space!

It was so relaxing and fun to participate in the exercises that Leticia had us do.

Highly recommend!

Lucy Dela Rosa


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We love our tribe.

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